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#1 Eyebrow Blading


You want to get those perfect eyebrows or that perfect makeup look or both? Well, you came to the right place! This is where we solve your problems at Fort Worth Microblading!

Microblading Brows

Permanent Makeup

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Microblading Fort Worth

Fort Worth Microblading is a place that many love and count on to be there. We change people's lives and how they feel about themselves. We help give them the confidence they desire with just a couple of things done!

Are you tired of feeling insecure and feeling like your makeup doesn’t look good enough or that your eyebrows are even or full enough? Well then stop putting yourself in that position and come get the service that we can do for you!

Just some services we provide that are most popular are:

  • Microblading eyebrows
  • Microshading eyebrows
  • Permanent makeup (includes permanent eyeliner which is a favorite)
  • Tattoo brows
  • And much more!

About Microblading Fort Worth

Just some things you should know about our company is that all of our employees are professionals. We don’t have any rookies or amateurs working in our field. We find it important that our customers can get the most professional work done on them as possible with no mess-ups.

We love to take the time with every single one of our clients before we begin their appointment because we want to make sure they are positive about what they are wanting and envisioning. We want to be able to have them leaving happy and knowing that they made a good move on their part to get the look they are wanting.

Our company finds it important to keep our service and products up to par and exceeding. We want only good things possible to be said about us and for it to be hard to find a flaw. No one is perfect and no company is either, but we strive for it.

We strive for our products to be the best possible as well. That means being the newest and improved and to replace items that are old and need an update and to have things clean and orderly after every single appointment.

Why Choose Microblading Fort Worth

Customers choose our company over many other ones that specialize in what we do because they love how important we make them feel. We make them feel as though they are a part of the family because we see us as one big team.

We all support one another and find it important that our clients know that they have our support every step of the way. If they don’t then it is hard for us to be able to give them the service we can provide because if they don’t feel like we can fulfill what they are wanting then they will more than likely go in a different direction which we don’t want.

Just some things that are important to know about our company are:

  • Free estimates
  • Great customer service
  • Upbeat team
  • Organized
  • Chaos minimized
  • Drama free
  • No rush put on our clients
  • Made to make you feel as comfortable as possible
  • Professional team
  • Certified team

We have been around helping our community for several years! Microblading, microshading, permanent eyebrows, permanent makeup, and more is what we specialize in and our customers know that they can count on us for it all! That is what it is all about don’t you think?

You can call us at any time to receive that free estimate and to book an appointment with us! We are happy to give you any other information you are inquiring about and want further details on.

What to Expect from Microblading Fort Worth

We hold our products and equipment at a very high standard. We don’t let anything fall under code, because that is not respectful of our company and is not respectful of our customers or even ourselves. If something is too old and or gross it is time to get rid of it.

We are not a company to hoard things and to hold onto the past. It is important to always move forward and update and learn and grow. That also includes our service. If there is a new service update that all of our employees need to learn we make it happen.

Everything changes and updates for a reason. It isn’t to just add more to our workday, it is to help us to be more successful and to be better workers. It is plain and simple, not rocket science by any means.

To receive our company's help is super easy! If you are unsure how to find us ever or forget our name you can always look up things like eyebrow tattoo near me, microblading near me, eyebrow near me, microblading eyebrows near me, tattoo eyebrows near me, permanent makeup near me, etc. You can type all kinds of things because we specialize in all.

So after you find us and contact us, we will book you in the schedule for when you find it most convenient. We will give you any further information you may need or want to know. We will also follow that by giving you your free estimate. You will show up and it's super simple! You just wait and we will call your name after we get your station completely cleared and sanitized and prepped for you.

We will then talk with you for a while to find exactly what you are wanting to be done. We will sometimes end up going in a different direction than the original appointment if we find our clients are wanting something else specifically that would be most suited to the situation, but it just all depends.

Ta-Da! Then it is done after the couple hours of work we need to make the magic happen! Super easy!

Our Services

fort worth microblading services

Microblading Eyebrows Fort Worth

Microblading brows is a very straight forward process. Eyebrow blading is where a professional uses a sharp tool that scratches color into your eyebrows to give them the look of being fuller and thicker in a very natural-looking way! Our customers love that look because it gives them perfect eyebrows that they get touched up every few months.

fort worth permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup Fort Worth

Permanent makeup is where you can get any kind of makeup done to you, but in tattoo form, so it will be there permanently. So you can get tattooed eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and more! Whatever you want we can make happen! No more smudging!

fort worth eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoos Fort Worth

Permanent makeup is where you can get any kind of makeup done to you, but in tattoo form, so it will be there permanently. So you can get tattooed eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and more! Whatever you want we can make happen! No more smudging!

A permanent eyebrow tattoo isn’t the natural way to go, but if you don’t want to have to worry about touch-ups this is the place for you! It is a tattooed eyebrow on you and the cool part is you can get any shape you want!

fort worth permanent makeup

Microshading Fort Worth

Microshading is a lot like microblading, but instead of a bunch of short strokes, it is a bunch of dots scratched into your eyebrow to fill in the thin parts of your eyebrows.

Customer Reviews

I got permanent makeup done for me by the company that runs permanent makeup Fort Worth OK, by Microblading Fort Worth! They did such a fantastic job! I got eyeliner and eyeshadow done by them and I don’t have to worry about doing my eye makeup anymore and I love it! It has saved me so much time in my day! Thanks for your work guys!

Brenda L.

Microblading eyebrows Fort Worth OK is such a great and hard working company. I love the service I receive every time I go in and how cool everyone is there every single time I go in to get my eyebrows touched up with the microblading tool. I will never want to stop receiving Microblading Fort Worth’s service!

Lisa W.

I usually go in to get my eyebrows microbladed, but I let the color fade and grow out and decided to get eyebrow tattoos! I am so in love and love knowing how I don’t have to touch them up anymore unless I want the color to be darker every several years! I love the work that they did and how I have loved their work in two completely different situations!

Joy O.

About Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a city in Texas. In the 19th century, it was a hugely important trading post for the cowboys. Today it is a modern city known for its art institutions. Fort Worth is the 5th largest state in Texas and the 13th largest city in the United States.

Fort Worth’s sales tax is 8.2% and its income tax is 0.0%. The unemployment rate is 3.7% and the current job growth is 2.7% and future job growth is 41.5%! The population of Fort Worth is 895,008. The cities and towns that surround and are nearby Fort Worth area:

  • North Richland Hills, TX
  • Benbrook, TX
  • White Settlement, TX
  • Richland Hills, TX
  • River Oaks, TX
  • Everman, TX
  • Sansom Park, TX
  • Westover Hills, TX
  • Many other areas!

Questions and Answers!

Is Microblading Eyebrows Fort Worth a popular company?

Yes we are a very popular company and well-liked because of the art we can do on people and how we can give them exactly what they have been wanting because we take the time to envision what they are going for.

Is Fort Worth permanent makeup where we can find Microblading Fort Worth?

Yes, you can find us by looking for permanent makeup in Fort Worth because we provide that service as well.

Are eyebrow tattoos permanent?

Like any tattoo the color does fade some overtime, so you can touch it up every few years if you’d like to make the color more defined, but it works like a real tattoo.

What is microblading?

Microblading is where they use a handheld tool that does scratches in your eyebrow that leave a pigment of your eyebrow color to give the illusion of being real and natural and full.

How long does microblading last?

It can last up to 30 months maximum usually and 18 months minimum.

Contact Microblading Fort Worth Today!

Give us a call to Microblading Fort Worth today! You won’t be sorry about the appointment you book! It will be great from start to finish because of the work done on you and the friendly professional we have working here!

Call us at any point to receive a free estimate and to book your appointment. We are happy to answer any further questions you may have! Let’s make some magic happen today!


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